Our services


Projecting and realizing products for Cinema and Broadcasters. Location managing, casting managing, video footages 4k, audio recordings in high quality.


Editing audio-video, grading/color correction (DaVinci Resolve), audio design, production DVD, Blu-Ray, DCP.


Administration services

Management pratices with Towns, Regions and Mibact.

About us

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Groucho Cinema s.r.l. is a young company in production and post-production area and in assisting other companies to realize its own product. It is in Rome. CEO is Raffaele Schettino, for many years working as actor and director and graduated in Economics. The Company was born as part of the Associazione culturale Groucho Teatro, taking her experience for the artistic management and taking its specialization in the audio-video area. It stepped in to the Associazione culturale for producing the long feature "IL MONDO MAGICO", (realized:: 2017) screenplay by Daniele Trovato and Raffaele Schettino, and distributing it. The movie gained the Platinum Remi Award at 49th ed. of worldFest in Houston and it is qualfied as "Film d'Essai".It is recognized as interesting for students (Agis Scuola) and it is available for Theatricals from Open Sky Cinema, international VOD distributor: Under the milky way. In 2018 produced the short movie "Tradimenti e magie" (Betrayals and magic), dir. Raffaele Schettino, that won two awards at the 52th ed. of WorldFest Houston: one Gold Remi Award for directing and one Gold Remi Award for Historical category..

Groucho Cinema srl is member of the Associazione Giovani Produttori Cinematografici Indipendenti (AGCPI)



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