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A bizarre detective gets on the enterprise of finding the son of a Roman landowner, who mysteriously disappeared, in adventures and travels. A daring comedy, a strange spy-story.

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Crime, Bromance

Format: TV series

Creators: Domenico del Mastro, Raffaele Schettino

Similar to: The big Lebowski, Bord to Death

Based on: the novel “Le tre caravelle (in un mare di guai)” by M. Romagnoli

Material: Bible series, moodtrailer

Synopsis: Gino Ginevra is not only the owner of a pub in Rome, he is also a bizarre detective who takes help from astrology to solve all sorts of mysteries. When a wealthy client entrusts him with the task of looking for Ernesto, his son who has been missing for several months, Gino sets out on the quest accompanied by two rather unlikely helpers: the paranoid Tony and the imaginative and Gianpietro, who has alcohol as a creed of life. The stars point, however, to a distant destination. It seems indeed that Ernesto has ended up abroad. So all that remains is to set off on a mission with adventurous overtones for the wacky trio.

What Matters (Quello che conta)

Three brothers of different mothers, but raised in one big family, rebell against Fascism in the Southern Italy during the 30s/40s. The story of an Italian family in a past time, but with a social maturity that goes beyond the current times.

Genre: Drama, period

Format: Feature film

Scriptwriter(s): Domenico del Mastro, Raffaele Schettino

Similar to: Capri revolution, La trinchera infinita, The Wind that Shakes the Barley

Material: Screenplay, moodtrailer

Synopsis: The Gravina family is not like the others: Santo, married to Maria, decided to carry on a relationship with Nicoletta, thus creating a large extended family. But in the southern Italian province of the 30s, it is not easy to escape the prejudices of the country and the inquisitorial eyesof local Fascism. The sons – of both mothers – Giovanni, Annina and Michele are soon forced to fi ght the men of the podestà don Crispino, in the name of a rebellion that does not make concessions to intolerance and abuse.

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